City Planning And Construction

City Planning And ConstructionMoshe Shorer & Co. advises many landowners and developers who have properties in development areas. Our firm advises from the purchasing phase and all the way to the completion of the planning procedure and making the land available for building.

This field of City Planning and Construction is a broad area that requires knowledge and skills in range of subtopics such as the history of planning of a specific plot, a deep understanding of the balance tables which grant the building rights, knowledge of the memorandum of articles and rich experience and understanding of the specific city plan policies. Those skills and knowledge are a must due to the long duration of the procedures of approving a city plan and the complexity of the planning and building regulations in Israel.

Each project relating to a City Plan requires understanding of many other closely-related matters such as expropriation, compensation for expropriation, betterment taxes, levies and other development issues. Naturally, these issues have financial impacts on each landowner. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware and alert to these aspects and their implications in the early phases of planning in order to reduce the financial exposure of the landowner.

Moshe Shorer & Co. is highly experienced in negotiating and maintaining contacts with the various authorities. Our knowledge of the planning and construction institutes assists us in promoting City Plans and finding the right balance between the needs of the Authority and the needs of landowners.

Furthermore, as a last resort and in case that our goals are achieved through negotiations, Moshe Shorer & Co. has extensive experience in advising, acting and litigating before Courts, Courts of appeal, planning committees and administrative committees on all matters of City Planning and Construction.

As noted above, the land development procedures in Israel are long and complex. In order to avoid the many obstacles which are part of this practice, established knowhow, proven capability and good relationships with many institutions, are a priceless asset.