Legacies And Bequests

Moshe Shorer & Co. specializes in managing assets for many families. We are experienced in advising on wills and legacies and bequests, both locally and internationally. Our firm cooperates with qualified consultants in Israel and abroad. We advise on the drafting of wills, probate and estate management and inheritance in Israel, to both Israeli and foreign residents.

The preparation of a will or its execution is a tool which can be used by a family to plan and regulate the transfers of assets or its businesses to its future generations. Therefore, the wills and their execution in due course is an important issue to pay attention to.

During the preparation of a will it is difficult to predict the status of the assets at the time of the execution of the will and the family situation at that time. Therefore, it is very important to plan the will carefully. The client and the lawyer have to try and predict all the possible scenarios for the time of execution of the will.

It is known that sometimes, people who are not members of a family manage to persuade older family members to sign wills in their favor or in favor of some third party. Drafting strict wills and in some cases, repeating the signing on wills each year, are techniques which can guard the family assets and prevent such occurrences.