Promotion Of City Building Plans, Rezoning And Developments Of Lands

Moshe Shorer & Co. is involved in promoting (and when the need arises, objecting to) City Building Plans in the center region of Israel. Our firm has warm and close relationships with the various planning teams in the major municipalities. These relationships are essential to promote projects and enable efficient cooperation and rapid validation of City Building Plans.

Promoting a City Building Plan does not end at the local planning committees but it involves also other institutes such as the District Planning Committee, The National Planning Council, and various government ministries and institutions. At Moshe Shorer & Co. we are experienced with promoting City Building Plans with all relevant institutions and authorities. This experience is necessary to approve and validate a zoning plane which would be as compatible as possible with the landowners’ interests and wishes.

Changing zoning, promoting building plans or sometimes opposing to building plans in process, are a work of art that requires patience, knowledge, negotiation skills and good analytical capacity.

Our firm has accumulated experience in the field of City building planning and constructions and we are proud with our ongoing success, which increased the value of our clients’ property, minimized our clients’ expenses, and shortened the time and the process until the approval of the city plan. In several cases our firm acted for the cancelation of a City Building Plan which could harm our clients’ interest.