Real Estate Transactions

Moshe Shorer & Co. advises on all aspects of real estate transactions including acquisition and sale, leasing, tendering, zoning and exploitation plans, secured financing, debt restructuring, investment and ownership structures, and development and construction. The firm is active in both business and private sectors.
We advise Israeli residents as well as foreign residents and domestic and international legal entities. Our firm also provide services relating to offshore companies and trust institutes.

In the course of its activity, Moshe Shorer & Co. played a significant role in getting the deal through in various complex transactions and ventures, in Israel and abroad. Our Crown-Jules are complicated and extensive transactions which require profound specialization and diligent care. The successful closing of those transactions require long and complex negotiations, thorough due diligence, continuous coordination and perfect synchronization among the many parties and institutions which are associated with such deals and finally- refined business planning and tax structuring.

Moshe Shorer & Co. is a “one-stop-shop” for all services needed for the successful execution of a real estate transaction. Beginning with locating a suitable buyer or seller, through running a background check of the other parties to the transaction, proceeding with the examination of various aspects and effects of the applicable taxes and levies, continuing with performing all required negotiations and finally, bringing the agreement to a successful signing and closing.
After the agreement has been signed, the firm continues to monitor the transaction, to advise and to finalize the procedures with the various regulatory authorities (e.g. the tax authorities, municipal authorities, the Israel Land Registrar Office and other related entities). We are proud to state that mostly, we finalize transactions quickly and wisely, and usually, faster than the national average time for the completion of real estate transactions.

There are some unique characteristics to Real estate transactions in Israel. These are different from those of an equivalent transaction executed in other western countries. One significant difference is the lengthy period that passes between the signing of an agreement and the final registration of the purchaser as the new, lawful, owner of the property. This is caused by the obligation to pay all outstanding and pending taxes and duties as a condition to the registration.
This is unlike the situation in other counties where the transaction begins and ends at the same time and place (“The Closing”), usually at the notary’s office. In those countries the tax issues of each party are handled independently and directly by each party with the tax authorities, irrespective to the time in which ownership is transferred.

The above-mentioned limitation on the transfer of ownership, creates a complex situation in which it is necessary to ensure and to balance both parties’ rights, obligations and interests during the period between the signing of the agreement and the registration of the new ownership.
Consequently, in order to assure that the parties’ interests are maintained and fulfilled, it is important that the handling lawyers would have the experience and expertise, and it is absolutely essential, when it comes to complex transactions in which liens, rights of third parties or suspending and nullifying conditions are a factor.