Trusts And Offshore Companies

Moshe Shorer & Co. has the knowledge and the experience in maintaining family assets, business assets and other assets. The services that our firm provides range from advising and planning the assets maintenance and up to establishing holding entities, all in accordace with the client’s needs (this may include the establishing of trusts, offshore companies, and other legal entities). Following the establishment of a holding entity, our firm continues to manage the assets through the entities in various ways depending on the client’s needs and orders.

Our firm specializes in setting up various types of trusts and other legal entities for the purpose of holding properties or executing transactions. We are associated with leading law firms and trust-companies from all around the world. These relations enable us to provide solutions and advise our clients in an efficient, reliable, and creative manner, perfectly tailored to the client’s needs.

At Moshe Shorer & Co. we respect our client’s wishes. Our clients may determine the nature of the holding of the shares or the means of control (e.g. by the owner, by a trustee, by an offshore company), the nomination of members of the board of directors, the determination of the domicile of the company/trust and its management location. All within the boundaries of the relevant regulation and with close advice concerning the “best practices”.

There are numerous reasons to establish a holding structure (be it a trust an offshore company or other legal entity) when planning a transaction, or for the purpose of acquiring or holding assets:

  • Maintaining the family’s assets over the generations and preventing misuse of the family wealth by family members who are not mature, capable or responsible enough.
  • Hiding assets from creditors or from business associates (or even from family members).
  • Preforming transactions without revealing the identity of a party (this could be required for the success of the transaction and/or to minimized the exposure of the hidden party to the public and/or to specific third parties).
  • Investments in countries in which there are limitations on direct investments made by certain people or persons.
  • Tax planning; e.g. for the application of double taxation treaties, or to be entitled for tax-exemptions and more.

Trusts and offshore companies and other legal entities are very important tools (this is relevant also in the present, When regulations and enforcement are becoming tougher) for conducting business and keep on protecting assets, family wealth and businesses. Families and businessmen can, and should, make use of these tools to maintain their properties and increase their wealth and the returns on their assets.