Municipal zoning H-500 – Holon

The new zoning plan includes 4080 Dunam at the southern jurisdiction area of Holon and encompasses 37 blocks.

It is a unique zoning plan which capitalizes the largest unrehabilitated land reserve of the city. The zoning is located in a prominent area: to the north are the Kiriyat Sharet and Kiriyat Pinhas Eylon neighborhoods, highway no. 4 on the east, Rishon LeZion to the south, and highway no. 20 (Ayalon highway) to the west.

The new zoning designates land for 1,300 low-construction housing units, and 12,400 condominium units. The main part of the zoning allocates 175,000 square meters for public buildings and 930,000 square meters for employment purposes which include trade and multipurpose uses. In addition, the new zoning will comprise of a spacious park which will maintain a rich habitation area for a variety of animals.

The two plans will be prepared in correlation with each other. After the zoning plan has been approved, balance sheets will be publicized when the detailed plans are to be publicized.

The main zoning approved and the municipality is preparing detailed zoning which will consist of few small zoning in parallel each for a different part of the general zoning. Following the detailed zoning, an assessor will prepare a table of rights the balance tables will grand the rights for the privet owners. The table of rights will be published.

Since it is still unknown which rights will be assigned to the lots, it is recommended to join a group. Joining a group has many advantages including optimal implementation of rights partnership liquidation, Significant savings on construction costs, levies and taxes.


Our office represents many land owners who will be assigned in the various areas of the lots.