The 1000 dunam site in Rishon Lezion West

This project is being called the upcoming business and living center of Israel, and its central location gives it a huge advantage: west of the Ayalon highway and close to Neve Dkalim neighborhood, the municipal football stadium and the “Superland” amusement park; and only two kilometers away from the beach.

The complex has high accessibility – it is adjacent to the Moshe Dayan railway station, close and accessible to highways no. 20 and 431, and is a short distance from the main Rabin boulevard.

The outline zoning was approved on 10.4.2016. and aspires be a viable alternative to the largest and most important companies and corporations in the Israeli and global economy. Part of the complex is owned by the Rishon Lezion Municipality (600 dunam) and managed by the municipality, while the other part (400 dunam) is owned by private landowners.

The zoning is versatile and is intended to include 4,900 housing units, 1.7 million square meters for high-tech, financial centers, business centers, hotel complexes, leisure and recreation complexes, educational and research institutions, congress centers and an urban open space in the shape of a large park.

The municipality is preparing a detailed zoning for parcel 10 in Block 3947, which is owned by the private landowners. In this zoning plan, the municipality will allocate the private landowners in parcel 10 in the predetermined buildings.

The zoning, is the largest in the history of the city, might potentially raise the value of land designated for residential buildings.

Since it is still unknown which rights will be assigned to the lots, it is recommended to join a group.

In order to implement these rights rapidly, it is best to join a group. This has many advantages including advancing the building construction, and easier contract proceedings. It can also protection the owners from liquidation, Significant savings on construction costs, levies and taxes.

This organization can also prevent developers or landowners dissolution.