The resort strip- rsh/1010, rsh/1084

The resort strip is located at the border of the cities Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv. This plan consists of two previous plans the were developed together and which include territorial continuity. The eastern resort strip and the western resort strip are surrounded by – highway no. 5 to the north, Neve Gan neighborhood at Ramat Hasharon municipality to the south, Hakfar Hayarok and Kiriyat Shaul cemetery on the east and Ayalon highway on the west.

The new zoning enables the construction of 6,100 housing units at a sought-after area and will allocate 900 dunam for a metropolitan park for the benefit of the residents of the area. The park is an important part of the continuity of the open spaces of the northern Tel Aviv District. The construction overlooking the park is planned to be lower than 16 building floors. The neighborhood will be connected to a public transportation system, and shaded trails will be spread throughout the park., a wide pedestrian and bicycle crossing is planed near the Ayalon Highway in order to connect the neighborhood to the South Glilot railway station, which is planned to be built in the future.

Zoning RSH/1048 treats the eastern side of the resort stripe encompasses 3,250 diversified housing unites with average area of 93 square meters per apartment. According to the zoning, 30% of the apartments will be small-size and 300 unites will be used for assisted living. There will be also 7,700 square meters for trade areas, 9,600 square meters for employment and 68 acres for public areas.

At the western side, zoning RSH/1010 was planned to include 2,800 housing units from various kinds, also averaging to about 93 square meters. Pursuant to the zoning, 20% of the apartments will be small-size and 220 units will be assigned to assisted living. In addition, 6,000 square meters are planned to be used as trade areas and 60 acres are allocated for public areas.

The zoning was approved by the Tel Aviv District planning and Building Committee at the end of 2016.

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